AM8003A SH-3A Moog VCF
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This is a replica of the Moog ladder low pass filter in the Roland SH-3A monophonic analog synthesizer that dates from the very early days of Roland. It was launched in October 1974 as an update to the original SH-3.

The filter design is very close to that used in the Mini Moog and 904A.

The AM8003A circuit is exactly the same as the original with the additional of signal input and output buffers to integrate the filter into a modular setup.

The circuit uses Mylar Film 68nF capacitors in the filter ladders and the ladder uses the 2SC2240 – although modern equivalents can be used. Dual matched transistor pairs are used at the base of the filter ladders. The module has the following front panel potentiometers: Frequency Cutoff Resonance 2 modulation CV levels 3 audio signal input levels AM8003A

We sell a Hard to Find Kit for all the components that are tricky to source.

Euro Rack Module:   14HP wide
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