AM8003 Diode VCF
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This is replica of the 5-pole diode filter in the Roland SH-3 mono synthesizer. The original  filter was quite a simple and basic design copied from the EMS VCS3. Roland used a variety of early Op Amps, including the low quality 741 and 1458, and a very old 14-pin dual Op Amp – the NEC UPC33C complete with heat sink.

Euro Rack Module:   14HP wide
User Manual:           Download PDF

Detailed Description  The production version was developed in 2017 and uses a dual PCB skiff friendly design with the filter on the rear PCB and the pots and jacks on the front PCB. The circuit uses the original 1S2473 diodes, Mylar ladder capacitors, all carefully matched. Matched transistor pairs are used at the base of the ladder with the LM394 replacing the ITS1276. We may offer a "vintage" version with the NEC UPC33C...

There are five 3.5 mm jack sockets on the base of the front panel:

  • 2x Audio inputs
  • 2x Frequency control voltages
  • Audio output





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