AM8012 ARP 2600P Filter
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This is a 4-pole 24dB low-pass filter constructed around a traditional “Moog” transistor ladder. It is temperature compensated and has a wide cutoff range between 0 - 35kHz. It appeared in early ARP 2600 synthesizers in 1971, and it is a refinement of the ARP 1006 filter in the 2500 Modular synthesizer.

The AM8012 has been re-engineered to improve on the original design, with upgraded high quality internal components such as matched transistors and precision 2.5% polypropylene capacitors. The module has Erthenvar jack sockets, and a revised panel print.

The external design replicates the “look and feel” of the ARP Odyssey Mk1 with slide potentiometers and coloured caps. The module captures the sound of the ARP version of the traditional transistor ladder.

AM8012 User Manual

EuroRack Module:   16HP wide



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