AM8019 ARP 2600P VCA
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The AM8019 is a replica of the ARP 2600 Voltage Controlled Amplifier, which is a transistor VCA dating back to the ARP2500 and 1970.  This Euro Rack module makes use of modern matched transistor arrays and a high quality buffer Op Amp at the output stage.

The VCA is designed to be used with the AMSynths 8027 Dual VCO and 8012 or 8075 VCF's, enabling a replica of the 2600P or Odyssey in a rack format to be achieved. I built my first 8019 in 2009 when replicating a complete ARP 2600 in FracRac. The AM8019 is the commercially available Euro Rack version using slide potentiometers like the original, with 2x audio signal inputs and both linear and exponential control voltage inputs.

An Amber LED (with lens) shows the output volume as a discerte brightness. The VCA has unity gain.

The module comes with a Doepfer power cable and M3 mounting screws and clear washers.
Euro Rack Module:
16HP wide
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