AM8020 Athena ADSR & AR
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This is a replica of the ARP 2600 Envelope Generators, both the ADSR and AR. The original design first appeared in the ARP 2600 in 1970, but the circuit is a derivation of the ADSR in the earlier ARP 2500. It is a FET and transistor based design with Op Amps used as output buffers.

The original design has been improved upon with modern components, and a design change to the AR envelope generator to speed up the minimum Attack time from 7ms to 1ms. The module also includes a Gate Boost circuit, which takes either the Doepfer Gate bus or a connected +5V gate signal and converts them to the required +10V gate and trigger signals. The module call also be used with ARP gate and trigger signals, for example an ARP 1601 Sequencer.   

The envelope generators can be activated by a front panel push button, and a red LED shows when the gate signal is present.
Euro Rack Module: 16HP wide
User Manual: Download PDF

The module has the following front panel controls:
  • ADSR - Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
  • AR - Attack, Release
  • GATE ON push button and red LED
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