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A set of two PCB's that enable you to build a replica of the filters from the legendary Roland Jupiter 4 released in 1978. The 4-pole low pass filter is a typical 1970s Roland 4-pole OTA design, with an additional single pole High Pass Filter.

Euro Rack Module:
 14HP wide

Build Manual: 

Detailed Description This Euro Rack PCB set is an accurate re-production of the JP-4 low pass voltage controlled filter, using matched BA6110 OTA chips in the filter core and (unusually) ceramic filter capacitors. The design includes buffering Op Amps to interface to modular systems, and uses an OTA in the resonance feedback loop. It delivers a warm but sometimes harsher sound.

There are front panel controls for adjusting the Cutoff Frequency and Resonance, as well as the level of 2x control voltages and 2x audio signal inputs. There is a small slide switch to select the keyboard follow into cutoff (Off, 50%, 100%). Resonance is smooth and controllable into self-oscillation. There is a LED slide potentiometer that controls the High Pass filter cutoff frequency and the filter uses traditional skirted aluminium control knobs

The design makes use of BA6110 OTA chips and Japanese transistors, these are available in our webstore as the AM8104 Hard To Find kit.

There are five 3.5 mm jack sockets on the base of the front panel:

  • 2x Audio inputs
  • 2x Frequency control voltages
  • Audio output
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