AM8106 J106 VCF & VCA
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This module is an accurate replica of the Roland Juno 106 24dB low pass filter and VCA, complete with bass boost circuit. The core of the module is the excellent sounds of the higb quality Analogue Renaissance AR80017A module.

The module has two variable level audio inputs and the 24dB filter has two external control voltages which are mixed with the Freq control. The VCA is controlled by a combined Gain and Envelope level control, enabling an envelope generator to patched into the module. 

The Juno 106 default High Pass filter position was actually a Bass Boost filter which added a lot of depth to the sound. We have added this circuit after the VCA with a simple on/off slide switch. This ensures you get the full analog range of this filter.

Euro Rack Module:  14HP wide
User Manual:           Download PDF

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