AM8110 VCA
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The AM8110 Voltage Controlled Amplifier is a replica of the VCA in the Roland 100M. This is a single OTA design that has both linear and exponential control modes, as well as a LED indicator of level. This is a useful VCA that can mix 3x audio signals and attenuate the output using the 2x control voltage inputs.

Euro Rack Module: 14HP wide
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Description The VCA is based on the BA6110 OTA chip with modern components upgrades to provide a clear sound and tight control of the signals.

There are front panel controls for adjusting the level of 3x audio input signals, the overall gain of the VCA up tio unity and the level of 2x control voltage inputs.

There are six 3.5mm jack sockets on the right of the front panel;

  • 3x audio inputs
  • 2x control voltages
  • audio signal output

The mode of the VCA can be switched between linear and exponential using a slide switch, and the output level is indicated by a red LED with lens.

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