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This module uses the SSI2144 chip to provide a 24dB Low Pass voltage controlled filter. This is a new chip based on the original SSM2044 from 1980. It is a cascade filter designed by Dave Rossum and Ron Dow, and re-issued by Dan Parks at SSI. It emulates the Moog ladder filter but with improved accuracy and lower noise using current mirrors.

This is a warm sounding filter with smooth frequency control and a resonance that gradually increases up to full self oscillation, a sound very reminiscent of the mid 1980's.

There are front panel controls for adjusting the Cutoff Frequency and Resonance as well as the level of 2x control voltages and 3x audio signal inputs. We have used high quality control knobs on the AM8144, a new atheistic for AMSynths modules.

There are six 3.5mm jack sockets on the right of the front panel;

  • 3x Audio Signal Inputs (10V peak to peak)
  • 2x Control Voltages (0V to +5V)
  • Audio Signal Output

Euro Rack Module: 14HP wide
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