AM8320 Prophet Filter
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The AM8320 module is a 4-pole Low Pass Filter that uses the AS3320 filter chip to produce an amazing sounding VCF. The CEM3320 filter chip was introduced in 1980, and it quickly established itself as the low pass filter in the Prophet 5 Rev 3, Oberheim OB8, PPG Wave 2.0  and SCI Pro One. 

The AMSynths circuit is based on a combination of the Digisound 80-6 and the resonance control in the SCI Pro One. This delivers a great sounding filter with resonance that goes into self oscillation.

Euro Rack Module:   14HP wide
User Manual:           Download PDF

The filter has; 3x Audio Signals inputs with level control, Frequency Cutoff, and CV1 and CV2 modify cut-off and the Q control adjusts the resonance of the filter.

There are six 3.5mm jack sockets mounted on the right hand side of the panel; Signal Inputs (x3) CV Inputs (x2) Signal Output. 

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