AM8325 OB-Xa Filter PCB SET
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This is a PCB set to build the AM8325 module, which is a replica of the 2 and 4 pole voltage controlled filters in the Oberheim OB-Xa analog synthesizer. The module uses two AS3320 chips to accurately reproduce produce the 4 pole low pass filter and the 2 pole state variable filter.

The AMSynths circuit is an accurate reproduction of the original circuit with the inclusion of momentary switches and indicator LED's for the filter type (4 POLE) and whether the Keyboard CV is added into the cutoff frequency (TRACK). A very flexible filter with many sounds to explore.

Euro Rack Module:   14HP wide
Project Notes:           Download PDF

The filter has; 2x Audio Signals inputs (OSC1, OSC2) with level control, Frequency Cutoff (FREQUENCY), two CV inputs (MOD, ENV) and the RESONANCE control adjusts the resonance of both filters.

There are five 3.5mm jack sockets mounted at the base of the panel; Signal Inputs (x2) CV Inputs (x2) Signal Output. 


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