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Overview This is a PCB set (x2) for the AM8328 VCF which enables you to build a EuroRack Module with a 16-pin 12V Doepfer Bus power connector. It also works on 15V but does not have a MOTM style 4-pin connector.

The AM8328 is a 4-pole OTA based Low Pass Filter that uses the Dave Curtis CEM3328 filter chip to produce an amazing sounding VCF. There are two signal inputs and the usual signal output, 2x Frequency Cutoff CV inputs with control pots, a KeyTrack pot which enables the note value to control filter cutoff, and a resonance CV input and control pot.  The Filter Q control will take the CEM3328 into full self-oscillation, beyond the 40 setting on the Ensoniq Mirage!

The circuit has input and output buffer Op Amps to enable it to work in a modular synthesizer, and we recommend using high quality 1% polystyrene capacitors in the filter.  The CEM3328 chip can be bought on eBay.

Projects Notes
AM8328 Project Notes V1.0.pdf

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