AS194H Matched Transistor Pair
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The ALFA RPAR AS194H is an ultra 0.5% matched monolithic NPN transistor pair with an order of magnitude improvement in matching over conventional transistor pairs.

  • Nearly ideal and identical transistors
  • Common-mode rejection ratio > 120dB
  • Emitter-base offset voltage < 100µV
  • Emitter-base offset voltage temperature drift 0.1µV/°C
  • Current gain matched 0.5%
  • Parameters are guaranteed in the range of collector current 10µA to 1mA
  • Ideal logarithmic properties

The AS194H is usable in a variety of exponential converter designs; in VCF's and in more demanding VCO applications. We use them in our designs and modules.

AS194H Datasheet

NOTE: The AS194H has a slighly different pin out in TO5-8 can format than the LM394 or similar matched transistor pairs. This is not a problem, as the Not Connected pins can be snipped off, and the Pin 1 and 8 on the PCB left unconnected. 

AS194H Pin Out

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