AMSynths has been manufacturing high quality PCB's for over 10 years, they are RoHS compliant and have a blue or green solder mask. They are manufactured to enabled customers to build their own high quality module and the range is being regularly updated.
The PCB's always have a 12V 10-pin or 16-pin DIL Doepfer style power connector and are built as Euro Rack modules. The PCB's usually use THD components that are readily available, with high quality 30mm slide potentiometers or 9mm vertical Alpha potentiomers.

Project Notes & BOM
Detailed construction guides are included as Project Notes which can be downloaded from the web store and our web site, they include a list of components required. Detailed Mouser BOM's are also available.
"Hard to Find" Components Some AMSynths modules use a small number of hard to find components, we try and minimise this but sometimes they are vital to the performance of the completed module and its sound. We therefore can supply HTF component kits which you can purchase when you buy the PCB. We use the following component supplier..