AMSynths Panels
We sell professional Eurorack front panels, exactly the same as we use in our production products. They are laser cut, four color printed, 2mm thick aluminium. They fit Eurorack rails and are 128.5mm high with slotted mounting holes to guarantee easy fixture in your rack.

The panels have our holographic serial number sticker on the inside, so we can keep a log of our customers and help them in the future. We also include 4x 3mm diameter fixing screws and 4x clear washers. 

When purchasing panels you may want to use an insured and tracked air mail shipping method during checkout. We carefully pack all items to avoid shipping damage but insurance and tracking give piece of mind.

Making Your Own Panels We provide free of charge the CAD files for you to order your own Panels from our manufacturer in Germany. Download the panel file from our web site and then go to the Panel Pool web site and download their free Panel Editor. Load the panel file, check its correct and order via this software or send the T3001 file to Panel Pool directly. Panels are usually 50 Euros including postage, but much cheaper if you order 2 or more. 
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