SSI2144 to SSM2044 Adapter PCB
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This is a micro-PCB just 10 x 20 mm in size and 1mm thick. It enables the SSI2144 SMD chip to be soldered to the PCB and then mounted to DIL 16 pin foot print either with flip pins or standard 0.1" header pins, with a SSM2044 Pin Out.

When the SSI2144 is used to replace the SSM2044 chip the pin out needs adapting, as they are slightly different. This PCB does the job.

This PCB has a ENIG finish (Electro Nickel Immersion Gold) to make the soldering of the SMD chip easier, the PCB has a white solder mask. Customers purchasing this PCB will need to solder small SMD components accurately. We also sell the PCB with the SSI2144 chip soldered on.
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