About Us

Who are we? AMSynths is a small synthesizer manufacturing company owned and design led by Rob Keeble. It is a small operation based in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex in the UK. I am an electronics engineer (trained at University of Essex) and an IT professional. 

More Analog than Analog AMSynths design and deliver high quality analog synthesizer modules which sound fantastic, are flexible and packed with features. Our modules have an Atheistic Design that inspires the musician to create music from electronic hardware, using design cues from the past and future. We hope you enjoy them!

Foundation of AMSynths At the end of 2010 AMSynths was founded and started manufacturing and selling Euro Rack analog modules. These modules are manufactured in low volume of around 100 a year. Customer demand has been fantastic and production runs sell out very fast with many reserved ahead of launch. 

PCB's and special parts are manufactured in China, with machined aluminium panels from Germany and powder coated panels from the UK. The objective is to provide the highest quality modules in terms of sound, look and feel, at a reasonable price.