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AMSynths are proud to be a re-seller of Sound Semiconductor chips. 

Ron Dow founded Solid State Music or simply "SSM" in 1975. Early chips, such as the SSM2020, 2030, 2040 and 2050 initially appeared in Emu Systems products, such as their Modular and then the 16 voice multi-timbral polyphonic synthesizer called the Audity. Dave Rossum collaborated with Ron on these chips and then with Dave Smith on the Prophet 5 REV1 bringing this chip set into a 5 voice polyphonic synthesizer.   

Product development continued into the 1980's with the SSM2044, 2033 and 2056 chips, and a range of mic preamps, balanced line drivers and receivers, VCA's, and analog switches. It is great news to see these chips being re-manufactured!

SSI have initially released and upgraded the SSM2044 as the SSI2144 chip, with the SSI2164 due to follow. AMSynths are stocking this chips as they become available.


The SSI2144 reprises the SSM2044 of legacy chip maker Solid State Microtechnology, which many believe to be the best-sounding analog synthesis filter IC ever produced.

SSI2144 Chip
Based on Dave Rossum’s patented classic improved ladder topology,the SSI2144 allows rich tonal characteristics that showcase the very best attributes of subtractive synthesis.

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